A small business may not have the marketing resources of a large business, but it can apply the same strong strategic principles. No matter your business size, marketing and strategy are key.

My experience at McDonalds and Discovery Channel allows me to translate the same strategic thought processes to your small business needs. My work on these larger brands also allowed me to find great partners in the areas of writing, art direction, logo design, web development, photography, printing, and more. Allow me to help you apply large business strategy for small business growth and we can all move forward. Below is a list of my services.


  • Logo Development
  • Marketing Needs Assessment
  • Marketing Plans & Execution
  • Social Media Planning & Execution
  • Creative Resource Management


  • Business Goal Setting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brainstorm Facilitation
  • Team Coaching
  • Efficiency Analysis

Contact me now and together we’ll grow your business.

Let’s move forward.

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